Feb 08 2012

Things I Think I Know After Missouri, Colorado & Minnesota

Three caucuses occurred this week–each was won by Rick Santorum.  In the wake of that hat trick, here’s what I think I know.

  • National polls are worthless.  What matters at this phase is the delegate count toward nomination.  Polls are for headlines.
  • Perhaps I’m a bit of Primary Purist, but I take no value in caucuses–especially when, in the case of Missouri–there were no delegates attached to winning.
  • Rick Santorum does, but that may be because he’s nipping at Mitt Romney’e heels in the delegate count right now.
  • Santorum has vaulted into second place, but the upcoming calendar does not look promising. I can’t see him taking the lead.
  • Santorum will also have a tough time because he IS so solidly conservative.  The Republican Party has been trying to distance itself from the Conservative wing since 1988. The GOP wants an establishment candidate because they believe that attracts the Independent voters.
  • The GOP is thoroughly out of touch.
  • THERE. IS. NO. RON. PAUL. FEVER.  He started focusing on caucus states several weeks and how did that pan out for him this week?  He didn’t win a single contest and managed to win one delegate.  Maybe.
  • Of the 227 delegates that have been awarded so far, Ron Paul has won 9.  NINE. That’s it.
  • The next actual primaries that happen are Arizona and Michigan on February 28.  I think those results will be far more telling.
  • I’m still not so sure how Romney will play in some of the Southern states–some of which vote one month from now on Super Tuesday.






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